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[community profile] 24hourthemes | Fujino Asagami (Kara no Kyoukai)

[ [ [community profile] 24hourthemes Writing Challenge ]
[ 01:001AM ] → link here
Focus is on wholeness of self and the banishing of any shadows.
[ 02:002AM ] → link here
Ridding partnerships or relationships of negativity.
[ 03:003AM ] → link here
Determination, especially in matters that seem to hold you back.
[ 04:004AM ] → link here
Improved luck or victory over a specific set of deterring circumstances.
[ 05:005AM ] → link here
Encouraging growth of the psychic self.
[ 06:006AM ] → link here
Tenacity and perseverance, especially with something you have been putting off.
[ 07:007AM ] → link here
Hope, improved insight and perspective.
[ 08:008AM ] → link here
Personal change aimed toward the conscious mind.
[ 09:009AM ] → link here
Assistance for others, focusing on concrete matters.
[ 10:0010AM ] → link here
Improving personal convictions and resolutions.
[ 11:0011AM ] → link here
Energy directed toward transformations which may have seemed impossible.
[ 12:0012PMNOON ] → link here
Writer's Choice
[ 13:001PM ] → Oak Trees
Self-image and personal security.
[ 14:002PM ] → link here
Building relationships, encouraging understanding and love between people, sexual symmetry.
[ 15:003PM ] → link here
Balancing matters of the body, mind and spirit.
[ 16:004PM ] → link here
Harmony of elements, sticking to schedules.
[ 17:005PM ] → link here
Insight to the self. Communicating with spiritual guides.
[ 18:006PM ] → link here
Matters of safety, protection and completion.
[ 19:007PM ] → link here
Diversity, blending or healing differences, gentle care toward others.
[ 20:008PM ] → link here
Leadership, command and guidance.
[ 21:009PM ] → link here
Comprehension of universal truth.
[ 22:0010PM ] → link here
Improving the rational mind, sensibility and clear mindedness.
[ 23:0011PM ] → link here
Coping with drastic change in a positive manner.
[ 24:0012AMMIDNIGHT ] → link here
Writer's Choice

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