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Too Much Pushing

Title: Too Much Pushing
Canon: Partly A_Facility, though it's sort of headspace too
Character(s): Asagami Fujino and Yami Bakura, along with a guest being mentioned
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes a brand of "help" can be way too unsubtle.
Warnings: Hideous and awful sense of humor
Notes: I don't know why it entered my head, though it's partly inspired by an RP thread. Guess you could say it's a blooper of sorts?

Though things between Fujino and Bakura had been a bit tense earlier, the atmosphere between them soon became one of mutual comfort.

“So, I’ll listen to anything you have to say, okay?” Fujino said, her tone and eyes filled with intent to ease her white-haired friend.

Bakura paused, taking a moment to dwell on her words, before finally answering, “...all right.”

Fujino smiled, her heart being warmed at the thought of being able to help.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last too long, as a loud, puttering noise boomed overhead. Fujino quickly turned to see what was the cause of this...and promptly turned into a complete and utterly shocked tomato-face not long after.

Bakura raised a brow at her, wondering what might have caused this, before he too went to glance at where she was staring at.

Suddenly, he understood why as his jaw dropped.

Up in the sky, there were some strange-looking clouds that looked like letters. However, when viewed together, they spelled out one, single message:


As the “Y” was currently being finished by a plane with jet streams trailing behind, Bakura stood there, his head lowered slightly and his whole body shaking with anger, along with his hands curling up into fists.

He didn’t need to search for who was behind it, as he already knew long ago.

Raising his head to the sky, he screamed loud enough for it to reach the high heavens.

“ISHTAR- !!”