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Title: Start of Darkness
Pairing/Characters: Asura/Asagami Fujino
Prompt: 9) Fall in Love with Me
Rating: G
Warnings: The most hideous crossover pairing being born
Summary: From a supposed oath, there sprouts the seedling of love.
Notes: This is actually from last year, so it's kind of old. Hence, why I never got around to finishing it until now.

When exactly was it that she fell for him?

Their first encounter happened briefly, and although she hadn't known him for very long, Fujino could tell that there was something that set him apart from the rest. Though she was still quite cautious and barely knew him at the time, he somewhat eased her. She did wonder when they would meet in person, but for now, she was quite content with just conversing without ever seeing his face.

On their second encounter, she finally did see him in person, though both were still shy and apprehensive at the time. At least, until he broke the silence. Both ended up chatting for quite some time until the night was over.

 Everything afterwards was all just like a crazy roller-coaster ride. One minute he would be pensive and pessimistic with her, while at other times, he would greet her as if they were old friends. Though he did confuse her ever so often, she didn't mind.

Because on the third night they met, he accepted her. And that's when she realized that he was the one.