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Fake Disillusion

Title: Fake Disillusion
Canon: Fate/Apocrypha; technically Mabharata also
Character(s): Karna, Ashwathama, and Shona
Rating: PG
Summary: Not even the slightest hint of sarcasm can overcome immense excitement.


As Karna grew to the tender age of 14, certain interests had begun to take root; most notably, warfare. He had been knowledgeable with the works for quite some time, as his father would come back after a long day, and would always tell stories of the grim battlefield. No longer wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, he sought for a way to become a warrior. Unfortunately, the only option available at the time was only open Kuru princes. As Karna was merely the son of a charioteer, he was extremely crestfallen when Dronacharya refused his request.

However, even with this minor setback, he didn't give up. With Shona's help and the guidance of the sun god Surya, he practiced with every weapon he got ahold of, gaining both the knowledge and skill needed to become as great of a warrior as he could be.

One day, while he was on his noon-time break, Shona and their friend Ashwathama arrived after a long trip, and came over to tell Karna of a spectacular moment during their visit to Hastinapur, in which they witnessed a young man shooting the eye of a wooden crow on the very first try.

"Man, if only I had skills like that," Shona sighed, as he crossed his arms on his chest. "The ladies wouldn't be able to resist me for sure."

Ashwathama burst out laughing. "Ha! The day that happens is the day India's lands will shed tears of blood, " he said, before he lightly jabbed at Karna's side with his elbow. "Hey, Karna! That Arjuna guy seems to be pretty good, but what do you think?"

Though Karna's expression remained neutral, a light of excitement shone in his eyes. Never before had such a feat been done, especially from a fellow human being. A mixture of emotion swelled in him, while he tried to keep a straight face and nodded in agreement.

"Mm. I'm sure the heavens think of him a god now," he replied, feigning a sort of disinterest. But, Ashwathama and Shona both knew this wasn't true in the least.