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The Worth of a Being

Title: The Worth of a Being
Canon: Fate/Apocrypha; technically Mabharata also
Character(s): Karna and Duryodhana
Rating: PG
Summary: He wouldn't stop his friend from his pursuit of the most beautiful women to hail India, even though he himself thinks she isn't worth it.
Notes: This was actually for a 5+1 meme in one of the games I RP at, but I never got around to finishing the other four.

Karna never understood why Duryodhana was intent on having Draupadi become his wife. As far as he was concerned, a woman that goes beyond the limit of one husband is no more of worth then a whore on the streets. Sure, she was supremely beautiful enough to be sought by most of the men in the country, but to him and only him, he knew she was anything but.

As his friend went on about her, he would usually nod or give a shrug of indifference, if only to lessen the suspicion that he wasn't exactly fond of her, and also because quite frankly, he was a little tired of hearing about her every day.

He began to drift into his thoughts, but Duryodhana's enthusiastic voice snapped him out of it, unfortunately.

"Karna! Hey, Karna!" he said, turning to look at his right-hand man. "You think there's any woman that's even more beautiful then Draupadi?"

The white-haired demigod could only stare at him for a moment, before he shook his head.

"Of course not. None of them could ever match up to her, not even the goddesses we worship." he replied. His monotony rang through his words, though Duryodhana had misinterpreted it as something good, and laughed wholeheartedly as he patted him on the shouder. After all, any man who wasn't interested in her is surely a maniacal fool. Or, so his best friend thought.