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I should really not neglect this journal, since this site and its functions are really nice.

Title: Not What it Used to Be
Canon: Fate/Apocrypha; technically Mabharata also
Character(s): Karna and Shona
Rating: G
Summary: Karna has a little kickstart of growing up to be the man he'll become in the future, albeit in a humorous way.
Notes: This was actually for a 5+1 meme in one of the games I RP at, but I never got around to finishing the other four.

When he was young, Karna had always admired his older brother Shona. Everywhere he went, the little white-haired boy would go along as well. Whatever he did, he would try to replicate also. Sometimes Shona would get a little annoyed, but the both of them would always laugh it off at the end of the day.

Not even growing older would change the dynamics of their brotherly relationship, as Shona had grown into a normal, everyday adolescent like the others, while Karna had grown quiet, but observant of others, and sometimes had to keep his older brother from making too much of a fool of himself.

However, it was not the day to do that, as Shona was out strutting his stuff by the river and flexing his arms in front of a couple of girls, while Karna simply sat a bit furtherways behind the little commotion, watching each and every muscles on their face contort slightly at his brother's "act of confidence", before one of them began to giggle, which then prompted the other one to follow up as well. Soon after, they left.

Shona turned to his little brother with a big grin. "Well?" he asked. "Those girls sure were knocked off their feet when I showed them! Bet you that they'll come back running to me tomorrow, eh?"

Karna took a moment to glance at the two girls, who were shaking their heads and could still be heard giggling in the distance, and then back to a seemingly assured Shona.

"...yeah. You sure showed them."

A flat reply, but nonetheless, his older brother never suspected a thing.